About Us.

Paul and Mark, your local master butchers...

Paul started his days as a Butcher in Shillingford Butcher Shop in Streatham in 1981. The shop closed in 1983 after the shop was brought by a large company. Paul worked in various shops until moving to Master Butchers in 1988, the shop was then owned by Kingston's until they decided to sell, so in 1994 Paul brought the shop with Roy and there partnership continued until Roy retired in 2010. Paul then moved into new premises in 2011 and began his new adventure as proprietor of Master Butchers.

From a training apprentice at the age of 16 to his current role as shop manager Mark has been a butcher all his working life. His 35 years’ experience covers all aspects of the business from ordering to meat preparation plus little cooking tips on how to get the best flavours from any joint. He is well renowned locally for his ‘little creations’ such as chicken Kiev and the shops wide range of succulent sausages.


Proud Supporters of Local Charity

Master Butchers is a proud and regular supporter of local charities.

In 2018 we were pleased to sponsor The Mayor (and regular customer) Neil Dallen through our annual Christmas Draw.

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